Monday Trivia – Name that Angler Answer and Winner (Sept 15, 2014)

Who is this young, future tour angler?

Who is this young, future tour angler?

Unfortunately no one won this week’s Monday Trivia Contest sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. Come back again Monday and try again. For the answers, please read below.

Another week, another old picture a young angler who would eventually find success casting for cash. We don’t think this one is particularly easy, so we’ll give you a few hints: (1) He’s still an active pro; and (2) He’s won one of the sport’s major championships.

With that boost, all you need to do is be the first to answer the following four questions to win this week’s contest:

1) Who is the pictured angler?

2) What states has he lived in since beginning his career as a pro?

3) What three lures (style/brand) contributed to his most financially-rewarding win as a pro?

4) Who is his rod sponsor?

Here are the answers:

Randall Tharp hoists the FLW Cup trophy.

Randall Tharp hoists the FLW Cup trophy.

1) The young bass-snatcher walking the bank with a big bucket is none other than Randall Tharp, currently a two-tour pro in his first year on the Elite Series.

2) He was born in Florida, but spent most of his career associated with the state of Alabama, before moving back to the Sunshine State. He now lives in Port Saint Joe, Florida. Despite the longtime Alabama mailing address, Tharp has long been known as a hammer on Okeechobee, and he won the 2012 FLW Tour Open[] on the big South Florida lake.

Tharp Halo Wrap3) The Okeechobee victory came after finishing second there the year before, and earned him $125,000. That was his biggest win to date, until the 2013 Forrest Wood Cup on the Red River, which earned the Honey Badger a much larger payout — $500,000. In order to claim the win, he relied on three lures: a 4×4 Jigs swim jig (green pumpkin head with a bream skirt) tipped with a green pumpkin Strike King Rage Craw; a Lucky Craft RTO 1.5 square bill (Crack black), and various colors of SPRO frogs.

4) He fished all of the lures on Halo Rods. While EverStart had been his primary sponsor until this year, once he switched to fishing both tours, his rod sponsor stepped up and became the dominant logo on his boat wrap.