Monday Trivia – Name That Angler Answer and Winner March 18, 2013

Young PhotoCongratulations to Jay Davis for winning this week’s Bass Fishing Archives Trivia Contest sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits! For the answers, please read below.

It’s time for another round of Monday trivia. Once again, we give you a picture of a youthful fisherman and you have to identify him and answer a few questions about his identity.

This one’s a little different than our past contests because while our subject is indeed an excellent tournament angler, he’s better known for his other accomplishments.

In order to win this week’s prize, you’ll need to answer the following questions:

  1. Who is our mystery angler?
  2. What is his current occupation?
  3. Who is his dream fishing partner?
  4. What does his license plate read?

Here are the answers:

This week’s picture shows us a youthful Mark Zona, sans facial hair. He’s currently best known for his work on The Bassmasters television show and on Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show, but long-time Midwestern anglers know that he was a stick to be reckoned with, particularly on the Great Lakes.

If the White Sox shirt didn’t give it away, he was raised in suburban Chicago, and even though he currently lives in Michigan he remains a fan of Chicago teams. On his website, he reports that Walter Payton was his favorite football player. When asked who he’d like to film a fishing show with, he answered Mike Ditka. “I mean come on! Give me a break! The dude is just a complete badass, and he coached the 1985 bears – The BEST football team ever. I saw him in O’Hare airport this past year and I froze! I couldn’t say a single word.”

He had a stellar career as a tournament angler before going to the media dark side, and in particular had a string of EverStart tournaments that were close-but-no-cigar runner ups. Accordingly, his wife got him a customized license plate that reads “Zona-2”

As reported in September of 2003:

Heading into the Lake Champlain tournament, Mark “The Z-Man” Zona of Sturgis, Mich., had already developed a reputation as “Mr. Second Place.” In the 2002 EverStart Championship, Zona tied for the second-largest stringer in the finals. Zona also found himself walking away with two second-place trophies in the first three events of the 2003 EverStart Northern Division season – missing out on one title by exactly 1 ounce. In fact, second place had become so ingrained in the Zona household that his wife even went out and bought him a customized license plate that read, “Zona-2” – a good-natured jab at his penchant for being the bridesmaid at seemingly every tournament. So what did the Z-Man do today? Not surprisingly, he added yet another second-place trophy to his mantle.