Monday Trivia – Name That Angler Answer and Winner (April 1, 2013)

Even at a young age Combs could bring in the big ones.

Even at a young age Combs could bring in the big ones.

Unfortunately we had no winner this week and with only a couple of guesses, it looked like no one would get the correct answer. So read below for the answers and please try again next week.

This week we get back to the Name That Angler quiz here on the Bass Fishing Archives. We’d like to thank all those who participate in the weekly contest and also to Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits for their support.

This week’s trivia contest features a picture of an angler who has fished both major tours. The fish seen here was caught on a crankbait, which may help you figure out the answers.

In order to win, you’ll need to answer the following three questions:

  1. Who is our mystery angler?
  2. What is his top single-day weight in FLW Outdoors competition?
  3. Who is his rod sponsor?
  4. Who is his angling hero?

Here are the answers:



Our mystery angler is 37 year-old Keith Combs, a relative newcomer to the national stage, but one who has quickly racked up some major accomplishments, including two Forrest Wood Cup appearances, two Bassmaster Classic appearances, two Angler of the Year titles on the Texas Tournament Trail and a PAA victory on Lake Tawakoni in September 2010 along with the TTBC victory at Conroe via a sudden-death fish-off against Mike Iaconelli in 2011.

In January of 2010, he caught 41-01 on Falcon Lake (where he guides) in an FLW Series event, to beat Greg Hackney’s FLW Outdoors record one-day, five-fish catch by 1 pound 6 ounces. Hackney’s catch also came from Falcon. Unfortunately for Combs, the monster bag was not enough to overtake the lead of winner Michael Yoder, who’d survived mechanical issues caused by tremendous winds to beat Combs by almost 6 pounds.

In order to sack up that monstrous limit, he used a Power Tackle Rod (model PT05-76) to Carolina Rig a Brush Hog. Power Tackle, which sponsors Combs, is an ultra-popular brand in the state of Texas aimed primarily at big fish techniques. It is owned and operated by veteran tour-level angler Tim Reneau of Del Rio.

According to BassFan, Combs names a non-Texan as his angling hero, but it’s an obvious choice nonetheless – David Fritts. For an angler like Combs who lists offshore fishing as his primary strength and shallow cranking as his secondary strength, Fritts is more than a solid choice.