Monday Trivia – Name That Angler Answer and Winner

A young, smiling Dave Wolak. Photo courtesy of Dave Wolak.

A young, smiling Dave Wolak. Photo courtesy of Dave Wolak.

Congratulations to Jay Davis for winning this week’s Monday Trivia Contest! For the answers, read below.

The angler pictured here did not go on to a career on the professional trout fishing tour, nor have you seen him Sunday mornings on The Troutmasters. He’s a bass pro through and through, although he’s dabbled with other sports along the way.

In order to win this week’s prize, you’ll need to answer the following five questions:

  1. Who is our mystery angler?
  2. Where did he go to college?
  3. What sport did he play in college?
  4. What position or positions did he play in that sport?
  5. Who is his favorite professional athlete?

Here are the answers:

Before he started fishing for a living, Dave Wolak was a competitive skier and also played baseball for Misericordia University in Pennsylvania after a strong career at Scranton Prep. He played both first base and third base in college. His wife Jess played softball for the Cougars. She was the conference’s outstanding pitcher three times and holds numerous school records, both on the mound and at the plate, earning her a spot in the school’s athletic hall of fame. Their son Jake clearly has the athletic pedigree to pursue that path if he so chooses.

Many fishing fans likely remember that throughout his Bassmaster Rookie of the Year campaign in 2005 (one year prior to the inception of the Elite Series), Wolak competed with no sponsors. Accordingly, rather than wear some endemic company’s hat with no compensation, he elected to rock a navy New York Yankees hat with the interlocking “N” and “Y.”

In interviews, Wolak has frequently mentioned that his favorite ball player is the recently-retired Hideki Matsui. “I’m a fan of guys that play hard, keep their mouth shut and mind their own business,” he told