Monday Trivia – Name That Angler Answer and Winner

Charlie Hartley as a smiling 12-year old with his 6-pounder from Lake Mead. Photo courtesy of Charley Hartley.

Charlie Hartley as a smiling 12-year old with his 6-pounder from Lake Mead. I wonder if he’s standing on his skateboard? Photo courtesy of Charley Hartley.

Congratulations to JWM for winning this week’s trivia contest! For the answers read below.

The angler pictured here was justifiably happy. It was his 12th birthday and he was at Lake Mead, Nevada. His father rented him a boat with a six-horsepower tiller outboard and he used a 6-inch Mann’s curly tailed worm (black with a chartreuse tail) to catch a six-pound largemouth. He couldn’t stop smiling.

This smiling, jean-shorted youth went on to be a smiling, non-jean-shorted tour-level pro.

In order to claim our weekly prize, you need to answer the following three questions:

  1. Who is this pro?
  2. What other sport did he excel at in his youth?
  3. What was his best Bassmaster Classic finish?

Here are the answers.

The location on Lake Mead might have thrown you for a loop, but the smile should give it away – even 36 years later Charlie Hartley still has the infectious enthusiasm for bass fishing of the 12 year-old who caught that six-pounder.

What you may not know is that Hartley was a competitive skateboarder while growing up in Ohio. The website known as Busted Coverage once referred to him as the “Bo Jackson of bass fishing.”

“I was actually on TV for skateboarding long before I was ever on there for bass fishing,” he told BassFan. He still carries one in his spotless tow vehicle and often rides through the parking lot and down the ramp or dock to his waiting Ranger.

He qualified for the 2008 Classic on South Carolina’s Lake Hartwell by winning the Southern Open points race, then cemented his status as a fan favorite by leading the first day on the strength of a limit that weighed 21-01. That weight put him 4 ounces ahead of second place angler Scott Rook and 14 ounces ahead of Kevin VanDam. He went on to finish 15th overall.

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