Monday Trivia – Name that Angler

Youth at 13At 13 years old, the current tour level pro pictured here already had the makings of a future star. Not only did he have the proper bend in the bill of his hat, but he wore a neat collared shirt for the photo. Perhaps most importantly, these two big Okeechobee fish demonstrate that he knew what he was doing with a rod and reel.

In order to win this week’s trivia contest, we need you to answer the following three questions:

  1. Who is this pro?
  2. Where did he go to college?
  3. What was his top professional finish on Okeechobee?

The answers and winner will be announced on Thursday. Good Luck!

  • Well this kinda looks like John Crews. If it is then he went to college at Randolph-Macon college and his best finish on Okeechobee would have to be in 2001 where he took 3rd and won $30,000.

  • I have to agree with Josh. John Crews,Randolph Macon,Okeechobee 2001.