Monday Trivia – Name That Angler

Youth ImageDespite the appearances of this 1966 photograph, the young angler pictured here did not go on to fame and fortune chasing crappie, or any other panfish for that matter. He’s a top bass pro today, with multiple major circuit wins to his credit.

In order to win this week’s prize you’ll need to answer the following three questions about the subject of the picture:

  1. What entity did he work for before joining the tour as a full-time pro?
  2. Where and when did he earn his first top ten on the circuit he now fishes?
  3. Where was his first tour level win (with either B.A.S.S. or FLW) and what lure/s did he use to claim the victory?

We’ll post the winner on Thursday!  Good Luck.


  • JWM

    This one is tough! Looks like somewhere out west with the mountains in the background (???). Angler has to be around early to mid 50’s considering the date on the photo. No clue!

  • Jojo Norwood

    K-Pink….Kevin Short…..He was an Insurance Man w/ Farm Beauro {sp}. First Elite Derby was Fort Madison IA….. on a WEC E1 SQ. bill plug from Peepersbaits. He switched over to 20# Vicious Mono to run shallower. And beat out the Purple Guy from his hometown Mayflower AR. Billy McCagrrion{sp?} The RedNeck Remidy guy//// I thik/guess he finished top 10 in an OPen On Duh Arky Rivah. I was in Fort Payne Alabama that MONDAY morning I seen he’d won Elite Derby #1….I e-mailed him on his “page” got no responce {Pre FB days}….Boyd Ducketts rig was in the parking lot and I left him a hand written Note….No Response. I never held that against K-Pink, but I did against Boyd Duckett…. Real sure he was use’n a StCroix pole.