Monday Trivia – Name That Angler

[Here’s a new feature from Bass Fishing Archives – we’ll provide you with a picture of a tour-level pro in his youth, and you have to name the pro as well as provide us with some additional information that we request. As always, the good folks at Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits have agreed to reward the winner with a gift certificate that can be used toward any GYCB products]

Look carefully at the picture above. The angler in question has experienced success on both the B.A.S.S. and FLW Tours. In order to win, you’ll need to answer the following three questions:

1)      Who is the angler seen in the picture?

2)      What popular tournament lake was his home base as a teenager?

3)      What company was his first title sponsor?

We recognize that Question #3 is a tough one, so if no one answers it correctly by the time the contest closes, we’ll award the prize to the first participant who answered #1 and #2 correctly.

Good Luck!

  • Brian Elder

    Gary Klein
    Lake Powell
    Ranger Boats

  • Peter sagartz

    Kevin vandam, lake st clair, tracker boats

  • jim dillard

    Randy Howell, guntersville, minute maid.

  • JWM

    1. Randy Howell

    2. Lake Gaston

    3. Hardee’s

  • david.miller

    Randy.howell , guntersville, hardees

  • Jared Pease

    I say its Van Dam as well.

  • Jojo Norwood

    JWM is correct…..

  • Bill M

    Randy still squints the same way..

  • Rob Thames

    Larry Nixon
    Toledo Bend

    • It was Randy Howell, Gaston and Hardees.