Monday Trivia – Mueller, Mueller Answer and Winner (March 3, 2014)

Paul Mueller's record 5-fish limit weighed in on Day Two of the 2014 Bassmaster Classic. Photo Brenda Serrano.

Paul Mueller’s record 5-fish limit weighed in on Day Two of the 2014 Bassmaster Classic. Photo Brenda Serrano.

Congratulations to John Karbowski for winning this week’s trivia contest sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. For the answers read below.

Paul Mueller did B.A.S.S. Nation and the state of Connecticut proud in the recent Bassmaster Classic, finishing second to Randy Howell by a mere pound. His three-day total was 66 pounds, 8 ounces and his Day Two haul of five bass that weighed 32-03 set a record for the largest limit caught in Classic competition (in either the seven-fish or five-fish limit era).

Had Mueller won, he would’ve been the second Nation (previously “Federation”) competitor to win the Classic crown. The first, of course, was Bryan Kerchal, also from Connecticut. He won the 1994 event on North Carolina’s High Rock Lake and tragically died in a commuter plane crash later that year.

In order to win this week’s trivia contest, answer the following three questions related to Mueller and Kerchal:

  1. Where was Kerchal employed while he tried to ascend the pro fishing ladder?
  2. Prior to Mueller’s big bag, who held the record for the largest single day catch and where did he catch it?
  3. In how many Classics was the total winning weight lighter than Mueller’s one day record catch?

Here are the answers:

Preston Clark.

Preston Clark.

The 23 year-old Kerchal, his heart set on being a bass pro, was a cook at a Ground Round restaurant in Connecticut. He was also the first Classic winner who resided in a northern state, although since that time Kevin VanDam (Michigan), Mike Iaconelli (New Jersey) and Luke Clausen (Washington) have also claimed the crown. Skeet Reese (California) was another winner from outside the south.

Luke Clausen.

Luke Clausen. Photo Doug Cox.

Clausen set the record for the single largest day Classic catch when he won on the Kissimmee Chain in 2006. His 29-06 bag was 5 ounces heavier than Preston Clark’s that same day, although Clark’s 11-10 ounce big fish set the benchmark for the event, eclipsing Ricky Green’s prior record of 8-09 that had stood for 30 years.

Of the 10 largest single day Classic limits prior to Guntersville, nine came from either the 2006 event on the Kissimmee Chain or the 2011 tournament on the Louisiana Delta. The lone exception was Kenyon Hill’s 24-02 limit at the Red River in 2009.

On 10 occasions, the winning weight in the Classic (for three days) has been less than Mueller’s one-day catch:

  • Kevin VanDam, 12-15, Pittsburgh (2005)
  • George Cochran, 15-05, Ohio River (1987)
  • Larry Nixon, 18-01, Ohio River (1983)
  • Charlie Reed, 23-08, Chickamauga (1986)
  • Rick Clunn, 27-07, Kissimmee Chain (1977)
  • Woo Daves, 27-13, Lake Michigan (2000)
  • Guido Hibdon, 28-08, James River (1988)
  • Hank Parker, 31-0, Texoma (1979)
  • Hank Parker, 31-06, James River (1989)
  • George Cochran, 31-14, Lay Lake (1996)

Kevin VanDam’s 32-05 on the Louisiana Delta in 2001 just barely eclipsed Mueller’s mark.

No matter what you weigh, though, first place is still first place.