Monday Trivia – Lazoen Lights it Up Against a Cast of Characters (Nov 10, 2014)

Larry Lazoen. Photo

Larry Lazoen. Photo

As we’ve previously noted on the Bass Fishing Archives, Florida pro Larry Lazoen was one of the many one-time winners in Bassmaster tournament history, a fate that is of course far better than never winning at all, but still leaves most competitive anglers feeling that they “coulda been a contender” more frequently.

Perhaps not surprisingly, his one victory came in the 1994 Maryland Bassmaster Invitational  on the Potomac River, where grass fishing ruled the day. As Lazoen told Bassmaster’s Louie Stout: “It had all the qualities I like – clear, shallow water and grass. I don’t think people fish shallow enough on this river. To me, 4 feet is deep.”

He further explained that the best areas had milfoil. “A mixture of milfoil and hydrilla was good, but plain hydrilla wasn’t as productive,” he told Stout. “When the tide was up, the fish suspended above the hydrilla, which grew shorter than the milfoil and hid beneath the milfoil that grew near the surface.”

It was a tightly packed top three, with Lazoen outlasting Jay Yelas by 4 ounces and beating Rick Morris by 6 ounces. While Lazoen fished grass, Yelas concentrated on hard cover, specifically Fox Ferry Point, the spot that had led him to a win in 1993 and a runner-up finish the year before. As we’ve noted previously, local guide Ken Penrod described the spot above the Wilson Bridge as “four rows of pilings that run perpendicular from the shore for a couple hundred yards. You will not see them at high tide. I can’t begin to tell you how many boats have lost their lower unit and worse at this obstruction.”

Today’s trivia contest focuses not on Lazoen, the winner, but rather on the cast of characters in the top ten, some of them still competing today while others are lesser known. Most of us know, for example, that Kevin Wirth (5th), had previously been a professional jockey, but some of the others had lesser-known professions. In order to win, be the first to correctly answer the following four questions in the comments section below:

  1. As we noted previously, Lazoen used a 1/8 ounce Cav-I-Tron buzzbait for most of his fish on Days One and Three. At the time, the lure was distributed by a fellow pro. Who was it?
  2. At the time, third place finisher Rick Morris was fishing just his 11th B.A.S.S. event. What did he do to make a living before becoming a bass pro?
  3. Seventh place finisher Carlos Sellers qualified for the 1990 Bassmaster Classic on the James River through the Federation. What was his full-time profession?
  4. Eighth place finisher Jack Bell also qualified for a James River Classic, the 1988 edition, as well as the 1997 FLW Championship. What did he do in his hometown of Kane, Pennsylvania when he wasn’t fishing?

The Answers and winner will be announced Thursday. Good Luck!

  • Adam Hinkle

    1. Lee Bailey Jr
    2. Worked for his brothers glass blowing business
    3. U.S. Army Sergeant Major
    4. Owner of Bell’s Meat & Poultry