Monday Trivia – Lake Eufaula (Answers & Winner; May 11, 2015)

Lake Eufaula, Alabama

Lake Eufaula, Alabama

Congrats to Steven Strasser for edging out the win this week in our Trivia contest. For details about the winning answers, read below.

Following the professional tournament trails around the country, we currently find the FLW Tour pros practicing up on Lake Eufaula in Alabama this week, also known as Walter F. George Reservoir. Word is the bass are post-spawn and starting to move out toward the deep ledges. We might see some big bags weighed in beginning with Day 1 on Thursday. But that’s the present. If you look back at the history on this lake, you’ll find a treasure trove of interesting bassin’ trivia. Therefore, in order to win this week’s Monday Trivia contest sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, you’ll need to sharpen up on your Eufaula history and be the first to answer the following 4 questions correctly.

  1. The town proper that sits on the shores of Eufaula and whence it got it’s name, was home to one of the most well-recognized professional bass anglers, as well as the company that he ran. Name that angler and company.
  2. There are two Bassmaster records that still stand to this day from those historic events held on Eufaula. Name those two records and the anglers who hold them.
  3. Back in 1996, this winner of a Lake Eufaula event started a new bait trend by using a novel lure to help him take the trophy, a trend that was recently reinvigorated last summer on Kentucky Lake. Name the angler and the bait/technique we’re referring to.
  4. Finally, there have only been two anglers that have won multiple Bassmaster events on Lake Eufaula over the years, each winning twice. Name these two anglers.

Answers and winner appear below.

  1. Eufaula was where Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame inductee Tom Mann invented the Mann’s Little George tailspinner and the Jelly Worm. Tom Mann owned Mann’s Bait C0./Fish World.
  2. The 1969 B.A.S.S. Invitational on Lake Eufaula was a record-breaker. Rip Nunnery made the heaviest single-day catch in B.A.S.S. history on Day 1 weighing in a 15-bass limit totaling 98-15. Blake Honeycutt won with a three-day total of 138-6 — still the heaviest catch ever in a B.A.S.S. event.
  3. Bobby Padgett primarily used a custom Painted Mann’s 20+ crankbait for much of his winning catch. However, he caught multiple big fish during the tournament on  a while bucktail jig with no trailer, including the 10-01 big bass. The jig, meant to imitate the large gizzard shad that inhabited the lake, was known as the “Preacher Jig” because it was originally designed by Reverend Bill Conine. At last year’s inaugural Bassfest event on Lake Chickamauga, winner Jacob Wheeler, along with runner-up Kevin VanDam along with several others utilized hand-tied large white hair jigs for part of their catch, giving a rebirth to the technique.
  4. Denny Brauer and Roland Martin are the only two repeat winners on Lake Eufaula over B.A.S.S.’ long history on the lake.