Monday Trivia – KVD’s Records; Answers & Winner (Sept. 8, 2014)



Congratulations to Rich Zaleski for winning this week’s Monday Trivia Contest sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. For the answers, read below.

It seems like all the talk of the bass fishing world these past 2 weeks has been centered around KVD stories. Understandably, this is due to the fact that for the first time in 24 years, KVD has failed to qualify for the Bassmaster Classic.

So given all the Vandam Internet chatter going on, we’ll jump into the mix with this week’s trivia contest, focusing on records and streaks held or challenged by Kevin. To win all the Yamamoto’s this week, you’ll need to brush up on your KVD stats and answer the following 4 questions correctly.

  1. As just mentioned, KVD’s streak of 24 straight Classics is coming to an end. However, that is only the second longest Classic streak in the books. Who holds the record, and how many consecutive Classics did that angler qualify for?
  2. One record Kevin holds is for the most consecutive limits weighed in during Bassmaster events. That record was 57 consecutive tournament days of 5-fish limits. Who is his counterpart (for the same record) over on the FLW side, and how many consecutive limits did he weigh in (hint: that streak ended in 2014)?
  3. Another record KVD holds is for the most consecutive Angler-of-the-Year awards, that being 4 titles garnered between 2008-2011. Who holds the record for the second most consecutive AOY awards (3 in a row)?
  4. Finally, Kevin holds the record for most consecutive in-the-money finishes on the Elite series, making that initial cut and guaranteeing himself a check. What is that record [how many (# of) consecutive events]?

The answers follow:

The holder of the most consecutive Classics is Rick Clunn with 28. Kevin fell 4 short of tying that record. Given the level of competition these days, it’s possible that Clunn’s record will never be broken, though you might also argue that given the young age that so many anglers are starting out on Tour, it could totally happen.

On the FLW Tour, the record for the most consecutive tourney days weighing a limit of bass belongs to Cody Meyer with 50 straight. It was just this spring on day four of the Lake Hartwell event that Meyer brought in only four bass, falling one fish shy of his limit, and ending his record-setting streak of 50 straight limits caught in Walmart FLW Tour Major and Cup competition days.

Roland Martin, who some have argued was the most dominant pro to ever fish the B.A.S.S. circuit, was the correct answer to question number 3 with his 3 consecutive AOY titles between 1971-1973.

Finally, KVD holds the record for the most consecutive in-the-money finishes on the Elite series with 29, a run that ended just this spring on the St. Johns R. after having stretched back to May of 2010. He actually beat his own record with this most recent streak, having previously ran off 16 straight finishes in-the-money between 2008-2010, the second longest streak.

Thanks for playing, and look forward to next Monday for a chance to win our next trivia contest.