Monday Trivia – Jared the Jig Meister (Answer & Winner – Dec. 04, 2014)

Jim Jared on Lake Mead, site of his 1989 Invitational victory.

Jim Jared on Lake Mead, site of his 1989 Invitational victory.

While we had one person give it a valiant effort, they were only able to correctly guess 3 of the 4 questions, therefore we slide through this week without a winner. But we’ll be back again next Monday with another chance to win.

Jim Jared of Dolan Springs, AZ has a reputation as one of the best jig sticks in the West. With a pair of BFL victories to his credit, along with 15 other Top-10s, he was always considered a threat to win local desert tourneys. And win he did, on one of the biggest stages of bass fishing when he took the top slot at the April 1989 B.A.S.S. Nevada Invitational held on Lake Mead. His 30 pounds of bass was enough to take home the $33,000 top prize, beating out a number of big name touring pros in the process. To win this week’s trivia contest, sponsored by Gary Yamamoto’s Custom Baits, answer the following 4 questions about Jim and that event.

1.Jim had a very obvious favorite color pattern for both his jig and the trailer he so often used. Name the color(s)?
2.What famous bass angler influenced Jim’s decision to use the trailer color he did with his jigs?
3.Jim was a big believer in using scent, much more so than most anglers back then. He often said the fish “savor the flavor.” He even went so far as to manufacture his own concoction that he used on all his baits, and would sell to others. What was the name of his trademark scent formula?
4.The Arizona Inv. was also the first professional B.A.S.S. Tour event for what other West coast angler, who would later establish himself and his fishing career as one of the best in the business?

The answers follow…

1. Jim’s favorite color pattern, the one he used almost exclusively, was one that is considered standard fare out West now days. That was a brown jig with purple pork. Terry thinks the popularity of that color in the West goes back about 30 years or more, though we’re not 100% certain who might have popularized it first. We were thinking perhaps Gary Klein. Any guesses?

2. The answer to the stumper question this week was actually the man known as “The Bass Professor,” Doug Hannon. Jim said he recalled a Bassmaster magazine article in which Doug stated that he believed there was something different about the way bass perceive the color purple, even thinking that they might see it as some format of fluorescence. While Jim said he couldn’t prove the concept, he certainly thought it made sense, and was the primary reason he used purple pork.

3. Jim was such a believer in scent that he not only replaced the brine in his pork jars with it, he also soaked his actual rubber skirted jigs in the stuff. He would even wipe the absorbed pork juice onto his line at times, and was religious about always using a freshly soaked piece of pork multiple times throughout the day. His home-made concoction was called, “The Solution,” and while he wouldn’t disclose the ingredients, he did sell it to those who wanted to buy some off him.

4. The 1989 Arizona Invitational was also the very first B.A.S.S. event that Jay Yelas entered. Fishing on the pro side, he cashed a nice check with his 12th place finish, and set the stage for what was to become a very lucrative career as a touring professional.

For a good overview of Jim’s thoughts on jig fishing, check out the following YouTube video of Jim on “The American Angler” TV show:

Thanks again for playing, and be sure to check back next week for your chance to win.