Monday Trivia – How Many Classics (March 25, 2013)



Today’s Monday Trivia Contest sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits is one Harold Sharp came up with. It’s a deviation from the past Trivia Contests and we hope you have some fun with it.

The 2013 Bassmaster Classic, held at Grand Lake, OK, is in the books. Cliff Pace, an 8-year veteran of Tour-level competition, made his 5th Classic count by winning the event in a pretty dramatic fashion, beating Tour sophomore Brandon Palaniuk by a little over 3 pounds on the final day of competition. Palaniuk, who’s in his third year of Tour level fishing has made the Classic 3 years – his first appearance from the Federation ranks in 2011.

These are pretty stellar numbers coming from a couple of relative newcomers to the sport. But what about the old guard of the sport? Who has made the Classic the most times? Better yet, who are the anglers who have made 20 or more Classics in their careers?

The answer and winner will be posted Thursday.

  • Chris Harvey

    Rick Clunn has the most appearances with 32, Gary Klein second with 29. Others who have fished 20 are Kevin VanDam, Roland Martin, Denny Brauer, Larry Nixon, and George Cochran.