Monday Trivia – Hibdon’s Classic Victory Answers and Winner (February 3, 2014)

Photo Bassmaster Magazine.

Photo Bassmaster Magazine.

Unfortunately no one won this week’s trivia contest sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. Steve Quinn made a great effort and came up one question shy of the win. Read below for the answers.

When B.A.S.S. traveled to Richmond, Va. 25 years ago for the first of three consecutive Bassmaster Classics on the James River, the pros didn’t know much of what to expect from the tidal fishery. Classic XVIII was expected to favor the local tidal water river rats like Woo Daves of nearby Chester, who ended up missing the Classic crown by a mere 6 ounces. He came close again the next two years but didn’t win his Classic trophy until B.A.S.S. visited Chicago (Lake Michigan) in 2000.

Daves finished 2nd to Missouri pro Guido Hibdon, fishing his third Classic and earning his first top 10 Classic finish. Before leaving to fish the FLW Tour a little over a decade later, he achieved six Top Ten finishes in 10 Classics, along with two 11th place finishes. It was a hard-fought victory for Hibdon, who averaged just 9 ½ pounds a day. It took just over 7 pounds a day to finish in 10th place, so catching a limit was critical and big bass – even 3 and 4 pounders — were like gold.

After leading the first day of competition, Hibdon fell to 5th after Day Two when he could only muster four fish for 6-04. On Day Three, he once again caught a limit, but he lost a six-pound-plus bass early in the morning when the hook on his spinnerbait broke.

In order to win this week’s trivia contest, answer the following five questions about Guido’s Classic victory.

  1. What was Hibdon’s primary lure and who designed it?
  2. Paul Elias primarily fished two humps not far from the Deep Bottom launch ramp. Who later won a B.A.S.S. event in that same area?
  3. Like Daves, 32nd place finisher Greg South of Virginia was one of the pre-tournament favorites. Outside of tournament fishing, what was his full-time profession?
  4. Who caught the biggest limit of the event?
  5. Which Federation angler in Classic XVIII later fished in the FLW Championship?

Here are the answers:

Guido Classic guido bugHibdon used a homemade Guido Bug soft crawfish (subsequently made by Luck E Strike) as his primary lure in the 1988 Classic. His son Dion, who’d later win the 1997 Classic, had designed the lure a decade earlier by making a plaster mold of a real crawfish. The elder Hibdon had previously used the lure to win the 1980 Missouri Invitational on Lake of the Ozarks, the first of his five B.A.S.S. victories. Randy Behringer likewise used the lure (after Hibdon gave him some) to win the 1982 Missouri Invitational on Lake of the Ozarks in 1982, the first of his two B.A.S.S. victories.

The 1988 Classic was 21 year-old Dion’s first appearance in the world championship and at the time he was the youngest Classic qualifier.  He finished 33rd and didn’t qualify for another Classic until 1992, at which point he made four straight and seven of nine.



Elias finished 4th with 26-01 fishing the well-known “barge pit,” a gravel pit just a few miles from the launch which serves as a graveyard for many old boats and no doubt for countless lower units that it has claimed over the years. He used a variety of Mann’s lures, including a Little George, a Limit Finder Worm and a 20+ crankbait to amass his catch. Seven years later David Dudley fished in the same general area to win the 1995 Virginia Bassmaster Top 100. Dudley also won the 2003 FLW Jacobs Cup on the James.

In addition to fishing tournaments, Dr. Greg South was a radiologist in the Richmond area. He’d finished 32nd in the 1986 Classic in Chattanooga and two years before that had finished a (very distant) second to Rick Clunn in the 1984 Classic in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

On Day Three, Ken Cook relied on a 5-inch Kalin’s Grub (gray/blue) to put together a 14-03 limit that was the tournament’s best. He ultimately fell short of Hibdon’s total by a little over a pound, but went on to win a Classic title of his own three years later on the Upper Chesapeake Bay.

Jack Bell, Bell's Meat and Poultry. Photo Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Jack Bell, Bell’s Meat and Poultry. Photo Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Jack Bell, who represented the Eastern Division of the Federation, also fished the 1997 FLW Championship. When not fishing, Bell owns a butcher shop in Kane, Pennsylvania. Here’s a recent article about Bell’s Meat and Poultry from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Here’s the television program depicting Classic XVIII.