Monday Trivia – Gluszek’s Glory (March 17, 2014)

Pete Gluszek

Pete Gluszek

New Jersey pro Pete Gluszek is known as a master of northeastern fisheries. His most recent win with B.A.S.S. was the 2012 Northern Invitational at Cayuga. His most recent wins with FLW were the 2006 Stren on Lake Champlain and the 2007 Stren on the Hudson River. Despite that Yankee pedigree, the first major win of his professional career took place in the heart of Dixie 15 years ago when he won the B.A.S.S. Invitational on Alabama’s Lake Martin.

Gluszek used a Carolina rigged finesse worm, a jig and a spinnerbait to catch three limits that totaled 41-11. He caught over 10 pounds of spots each day, then culled up with a largemouth or two, surprising most locals and pundits, who figured that it would take primarily largemouths to win.

He may have been far from home, and fishing for a species (spotted bass) that you can’t catch in New Jersey, but he applied his regional strategies to earn the victory. “The crystal clear water reminded me of our lakes back home,” he told Bassmaster’s Louie Stout. “The spotted bass act a lot like smallmouths, so everything fell into place for me.”

Gluszek no longer fishes as a full-time pro, but cherry picks a few northeastern events and was one of the founders (with Mike Iaconelli) of The Bass University.

Answer the following five questions correctly and win this week’s contest.

  1. Where did Gluszek go to college?
  2. Which finesse worm did Gluszek use at the end of his Carolina rig?
  3. Mike Iaconelli is the only angler who finished in the top 20 who fishes the Elite Series in 2014, but one angler in the top 20 still attends all of the Elite events. Who is it?
  4. Iaconelli finished 5th in both of Gluszek’s B.A.S.S. wins. What two events did he win in 1999?
  5. One angler in the top 10 of the 1999 Alabama Eastern Invitational fished the Bassmaster Classic as a representative of the Federation. Who was it?

The answers and winner will be announced Thursday. Good Luck!

  • Ed Cowan

    1. Rutgers
    2. Slider
    3. Trip Weldon
    4. Cayuga and Martin
    5. Gene Mobley

  • Keith

    1. Rutgers
    2. Cayman worm – Green Pumpkin w/chartreuse tail
    3. Trip Weldon
    4. Vermont BAssmaster Top 150 Lake Champlain & Bassmaster Federation NAtionals on the Red River
    5. Mike Iaconelli

  • rob m

    1. Rutgers send
    3. Ish Monroe
    4.vermont top 150 (Lake Champlain)
    Federation Nationals (RedRiver)
    5.both Woo Daves and Joe Thomas were from the B.A.S.S. Federation

    • rob m

      Sorry accidently hit post
      5.both Woo Daves and Joe Thomas were from the B.A.S.S. Federation but Mike Iaconelli was the only to fish the Classic

      • rob m

        2. Black Senko -dang auto correct