Monday Trivia – Clunn Conquers New York – With a Little Help From His Friends (September 23, 2013)



Rick Clunn didn’t finish particularly well in the recent Elite Series event on the St. Lawrence River, finishing just outside of the money in 55th. But 21 years ago he had a banner week in northern New York, winning the 1992 New York Bassmaster Invitational on the same body of water. It marked the 11th win of his B.A.S.S. career and one of two that took place north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

The St. Lawrence was a different fishery then – Clunn averaged less than 15 pounds a day to win, and it took less than 10 a day to earn the 50th place check. Compare that to the 2013 tournament where winner Brandon Palaniuk averaged over 22 pounds a day and the 51st place finisher averaged 17 pounds a day over two days.

Clunn weighed in only smallmouths, which Tim Tucker of Bassmaster referred to as “a rarity among the winning catches in New York tournaments, where most pros target the bigger largemouths.”

This year the top five finishers in New York all relied either primarily or exclusively on a dropshot rig to amass their big limits of smallmouths. It’s a pretty safe bet that none of the top five in 1992 even knew what a dropshot was.



Like Palaniuk, Clunn ran out into Lake Ontario, although his run from Clayton, NY out into the lake was substantially shorter than Palaniuk’s run from Waddington, NY.

With those facts in mind, answer the following three questions about the 1992 event:

  1. What lure produced all of Clunn’s fish in the 1992 Invitational?
  2. Clunn credited first day partner Dower Combs with leading him to a great spot in Lake Ontario. Combs was the son-in-law of another famous pro. Name that pro.
  3. At the end of the second day, Clunn and Combs went to a spot that Clunn had been given by his “half brother.” Name that pro.

HINT: All the answers to these questions can be found in one certain 1992 Bassmaster Issue.

The answers and winner will be announced Thursday. Good Luck!

  • paul wallace

    Stanley spinnerbait
    Pete Combs
    Randy Dearman
    Guessing from memory…

  • Spinnerbait
    Jimmy Houston
    Randy Fite

  • Stanley Spinnerbait to be exact

  • John Karbowski

    1. Spinnerbait
    2. Jimmy Houston
    3. Randy Fite

    Thanks for the opportunity!