Monday Trivia – Catch and Release

Ray Scott and bass

Ray Scott and bass

Softball, fastball or curveball – not sure which this will turn out to be for our readers, but we’ll find out soon enough. Everybody knows Ray Scott was responsible for implementing catch-and-release programs into bass tournaments, a move that some nowadays harken to be nothing short of sacred mantra among bass anglers. We want to test your knowledge of the history behind this occurrence though. To do that, and to be able to claim this week’s contest, sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, you’ll have to answer the following three questions:

  1. What year did Ray Scott begin implementing catch and release practices into his national tournaments?
  2. What was the slogan/name of the original catch and release program?
  3. Name the event  that Ray was at when this C&R epiphany dawned on him (the more exact the better).

One hint – the first two answers can be found by searching this site, among others. The last answer you might have to dig a bit for.

Answers and winner will be announced on Thursday – good luck!

  • Ken Duke

    (1) The first catch-and-release tournament was the Florida National on the Kissimmee Chain, March 1972. Tom Mann was the winner.

    (2) Scott called it the “Don’t Kill Your Catch” program, and I think he first mentioned it in the January/February 1972 issue of Bassmaster Magazine.

    (3) Scott attended a meeting of the Federation of Fly Fishermen in Aspen, Colo., and had his epiphany. They were catching trout (aka, baitfish).

    I’m up way too late, working and packing for a trip. Terry, you had me at “softball, fastball or curveball.”

    If I’m right, please give the prize to a young angler who cares about the history of the sport. I’ve got plenty of baits (including Yamamoto stuff — I love it!), but no time to use them.


  • JKarbo214 .

    1. March 1972
    2. Don’t Kill Your Catch
    3. Federation of Fly Fisherman’s conclave being held in Aspen, Colorado

  • 1> 1972

    2> Don’t Kill Your Catch

    3> Annual meeting of the Federation of Fly Fishermen (later to become the Federation of Flyfishers) in Aspen, CO, in 1971.

    DUH. I wrote this, then my wife came into the office to talk about moving south (her favorite subject these days), and when I finally get back to the computer, it’s been answered twice already.

  • Willy T.

    Don’t kill your catch
    Fly fishermans conclave in Colorado