Monday Trivia – Calling All Frog Meisters (Nov. 3, 2014 Answers & Winner)

Do you know your soft-bodied frog history?

Do you know your soft-bodied frog history?

Congrats to Adam Hinkle for winning  this week’s Trivia Contest sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. Come back again next Monday for the next round of Monday Trivia. For this week’s answers, please read below.

This week’s trivia contest, sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, is for all the “Frog Meisters” out there. If you go back in time about 50 plus years, you’ll find what are arguably the first two frogs that began the popularity and technological improvement of the frogging technique. Both the Original Snagproof Frog, which was sold around 1959, and the Harrison-Hoge (Bill Plummer) Super Frog from roughly 1960, opened the doors for anglers to drop these life-like amphibians into lily pads, cattails and other thick shallow vegetated areas where previously only things like Johnson Silver Minnows dared to tread. It would be another twenty years before the next big wave of popularity would come about with a new introduction, and then another twenty more before the current versions of soft bodied critters emerged.

For a different kind of challenge this week, especially for all you anglers out there that have an entire box dedicated to soft bodied frogging, your goal is to take the list of 8 very popular soft bodied frogs below, listed in alphabetical order, and rearrange them in order, 1-8, based upon when they were introduced or released to the public, the oldest to the newest. As a hint, all the newer ones are based upon their ICAST debut, usually the year previous to them being widely available at tackle outlets. One more clue…there are two on the list that came out in the same year, so getting those flipped or flopped won’t count against you. Do you really know your frog history?
◾Booyah Pad Crasher
◾Ish’s Phat Frog
◾Jackall Iobee
◾Kopper’s Live Target
◾Mann’s Rat
◾Original Bobby’s Perfect Frog
◾Spro Bronzeye Popper
◾Spro Bronzeye Frog (original model)

The Answers:

  1. Mann’s Rat (Late 1980s) – A creation of the late Lloyd Talent from the Guntersville area. He sold his “Rat” to Mann’s Bait Co. in the late 1980s, and the soft plastic frog craze began.
  2. Original Bobby’s Perfect (2004) – Out West, Bobby Barrack had been modifying Snagproof frogs for years, as had Alfred Williams down South. Snagproof incorporated many of those alterations, and things began to take off again.
  3. Spro Bronzeye 65 Frog (2005) – Quite possibly the standard by which most all frogs are compared. The first of many different models used by Dean Rojas (“Kermit”).
  4. Spro Bronzeye Popper (2008) – A few years later, but with the added cup face of a popper. Another winner for Spro.
  5. Ish’s Phat Frog (2009) – Another West Coast modification of a Snagproof from touring pro Ish Monroe.
  6. Kopper’s Live Target (2010) – Billed as one of the most lifelike frogs on the market, and one of the best.
  7. Booyah Pad Crasher (2011) – This more recent frog, along with Jackall’s entry into the frog market that same year (you could have these swapped and be correct), are a couple of the latest and popular versions of the soft plastic amphibian.
  8. Jackall Iobee (2011)