Monday Trivia – BASSfest

Jacob Wheeler, the inaugural winner of BASSfest.

Jacob Wheeler, the inaugural winner of BASSfest.

This week marks the return of BASSfest. The inaugural event featuring both Elite Series as well as Open anglers was held on Lake Chickamauga in 2014. The winner of that event was Jacob Wheeler, one of the anglers from the Open side of entrants. He edged out Kevin Vandam in a final day shootout that featured both anglers topping the 20 pound mark. This year, the event moves to Kentucky Lake, with just a few minor changes. While there were again invites sent to Open anglers, that offer went out to just the top 10 in each division, and only 13 anglers accepted and paid. Additionally, the Elite Series anglers will be accumulating AOY points based upon their finish in this year’s event. Unfortunately, there was no invitation extended to last year’s winner, meaning their won’t be any chance of a repeat winner, nor of a possible “rivalry” storyline to develop.

With all that said, if you want to win this week’s trivia contest, sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, be the first to correctly answer the following 4 questions related to the event, the lakes and it’s anglers.

  1. In the history of B.A.S.S. events on both Chickamauga and Kentucky Lake, only one angler has ever won major B.A.S.S. titles on both lakes. Name that angler.
  2. Similarly, only one angler in B.A.S.S. history has ever won two major events on Kentucky Lake. Name that angler.
  3. Give me the name and host (a former B.A.S.S. professional angler) of the first fishing TV show to feature Jacob Wheeler.
  4. Kentucky Lake played a significant role in the timeline of Jacob Wheeler’s professional career. What is that significance?

The winner, along with the detailed answers to these questions will be posted Thursday.

  • 1, Larry Nixon. 2. Gary Klien. 3. Bill Dance. 4. the youngest to win the FLW in 2012

  • Al H

    1. Denny Brauer won the 1985 Invitational on Chickamaunga and the 1987 Super Initaional on Kentucky.
    2. Kevin Van Dam won Elite events in 2008 and 2010.
    3. Ultimate Match Fishing hosted by Joe Thomas.
    4. Wheeler’s 8th place finish at Kentucky Lake in June 2012 gave him momentum heading into the 2012 Forest Wood Cup.