Monday Trivia – Another War of Northern Aggression (March 24, 2014)

Nick Prvonozac from flwoutdoors

Nick Prvonozac from flwoutdoors

In last week’s Monday Trivia contest, we discussed New Jersey pro Pete Gluszek’s win at Alabama’s Lake Martin in February of 1999. The following week the northern anglers once again took out their aggression on their southern counterparts. This time they moved almost 600 miles to the southwest, to Sam Rayburn – and when the Central Invitational was over the top three spots were occupied by anglers from outside the deep south:

  • 1st – Kevin VanDam, Kalamazoo, Mich.
  • 2nd – Nick Prvonozac, Warren, Oh.
  • 3rd – Lee Bailey Jr., Amston, Conn.

For VanDam, it might’ve been another ho-hum day at the office, the 5th of his 20 wins. He wouldn’t win the first of his four Classic titles for another two years, but he was already recognized as a rising Hall of Famer, with two Angler of the Year titles to his credit, and his third on the way that year.

There were other top talents in the mix: two-time Angler of the Year Gary Klein finished 9th and future Bassmaster Classic winner Takahiro Omori was 10th. Like VanDam, both originally hailed from outside the south. Unlike VanDam, both were Texas transplants. Other than them, however, the list of future Elite Series pros was limited. Todd Faircloth (18th), Pete Ponds (19th), Edwin Evers (29th), Kelly Jordon (31st), Brent Chapman (34th) and Tommy Biffle (38th) are the only others from the top 50 who fish the Elites in 2014. [Editor’s Note: Whatever happened to the uniquely-named Yarri Schreibvogel, who finished 43rd?]

VanDam located fish that would eat a Carolina-rigged lizard “almost on demand,” according to Bassmaster’s Michael Jones, but he amassed his winning weight mostly on the backs of three different colors of Strike King Series 6 crankbaits: chartreuse craw, Texas red and “Homer.”

In order to win this week’s trivia contest, answer the following three questions about the Central Invitational’s other top finishers:

  1. Where did second place finisher Nick Prvonozac go to college?
  2. For several years, third place finisher Lee Bailey Jr. had a distinctive title sponsor. What company did he work with?
  3. Fourth place finisher Marty Fourkiller was on a TV show for a period of time. What was it called?

The answers and winner will be announced Thursday. Good Luck!

  • Total guess on Provonoc’s college would be Youngstown State Univ.

    Bailey’s sponsor was Fox Woods Tribe and Casino

    Fourkiller was on The Cumberland Stories

  • rob m

    1. Kent State
    2. Fox woods Resort Casino
    3. The Cumberland Stories

  • Tom Leogrande

    University of Oklahoma
    Fox Woods
    The Cumberland Stories

  • Tom Leogrande

    Change that Kent State Accounting degree – bad guess. Well done Rob M.

  • Jeff Hahn

    Nick would need an accounting degree to count all the money I, and many other locals, have donated to him and his brother, George! I’ve known Nick and George a long time, but have no idea where they went to college.

  • rob m

    Thanks Tom