Scorecard Snapshot – Lanier Bassmaster Top 100 1992

Take a look at the following standings from a 1992 BASS tournament. Take a really good look, we’ll wait. Then, without peeking, try to figure out why this particular event was historically significant.

Did you figure it out yet?

Look at 50th place and see who shows up.

It’s none other than KVD. In the current iteration of the tour level events at BASS, 50th place would get you a check. Back then? Thank you very much for playing, have a nice trip home, no lovely parting gifts.

So he missed a check? So what? Well, it’s significant because it ended KVD’s legendary streak of 23 checks in a row. The lore tells us that he started his BASS career with 23 straight money finishes. That’s not true. In fact, he missed the money at his first BASS event, the 1987 New York Invitational on the St. Lawrence River – today it seems almost laughable that he’d finish 110th out of 311 competitors on a mixed-species northern fishery, but the record books tell us it happened. After that, he earned modest checks in his next two events before missing the money again in May of 1990 at Guntersville, another outcome that would seem outlandish if we didn’t have it in pixilated form right on our computer monitors.

With those initial four events down, he went on the famous 23 event tear, a streak that lasted from September 1990 (when he got revenge on the St. Lawrence, finishing 3rd) through November of 1992. Along the way, he earned his first win and a total of seven Top Ten finishes.

The streak ended at Lanier in December of 1992, which again is kind of odd because Lanier had been the site of his first BASS victory the year before, also during the same week of December.

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