National Bassman Magazine Covers

National Bassman Magazine Cove

National Bass Association (NBA) was operated by Dewey Yopp from late 1976 through the start of the 1980s. The organization was a spinoff of American Bass Fisherman (ABF) after the owner of that organization, George Oates, was convicted of fraud and rigging tournaments. Yopp was the ABF tournament director until he found out about Oates and decided to start his own organization. NBA competed against B.A.S.S. for top tournament anglers and ended up folding due to the major financial backer pulling out. From February 1977 through July 1979 they produced a well put together magazine called The National Bassman. There are 14 known issues that were printed. Here are the covers for 13 of those issues. Issue Volume 2 – Number 2 is the only issue I am missing. It would cover the gap between April and June 1977 – a three-month gap, which makes me wonder if it was even printed. If you happen to have this or any other issues of The National Bassman and would like to donate them, please contact us at

We hope you enjoy looking at these old bass magazine covers.