Monday Trivia – Some Bassmaster History (June 24, 2013)

Harold SharpHere at the Bass Fishing Archives we are always looking for cool trivia questions. Much as in other sports, there’s a ton of statistics and data on our sport that allow us to look back at significant times and events that shaped our sport. This week’s trivia questions are no different.

You all have read Harold Sharp’s stories here on the Bass Fishing Archives and you also know he’s a treasure trove of information when it comes to the early years of B.A.S.S. and bass fishing history. We’ve all enjoyed the stories he reflects on from time to time here and we also appreciate the time he takes to make sure we “get it right” here at the BFAs.

From time to time, though, Harold sends us in a few questions that are perfect for the Monday Trivia Contest and we thank Harold for these three questions. These may seem like easy ones but believe me, they aren’t.

If you answer these three questions correctly, you’ll win a $25 e-coupon from Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. Here are the questions:


  1. Who was the first angler, not from Tennessee, that won a Ray Scott Bass Tournament?
  2. Who was the first, and maybe only, non-boater, to win a Ray Scott Bass Tournament?
  3. Who was the first Bassmaster Classic winner from a state east of the Mississippi River?

The answers and winner will be posted Thursday. Good Luck!

  • Greg Driskell

    Definitely not easy questions, and #2 is almost a pure guess, but since I don’t see any other comments:
    1. John Powell, AL won the 1968 Eufaula National
    2. Joe Verbeck, IL won the 1969 Seminole Lunker, and some searches make it look like he was a co-angler
    3. Hank Parker, NC, won the 1979 Bassmaster Classic