Monday Trivia Contest – Creature Domination


[Up until now, all of our Monday trivia contests have been “Box Scores” – brief descriptions of tournament scenarios in which you were asked to describe what made them memorable. Today, for the first time, we offer you a more straightforward query. We’re not abandoning the Box Score concept permanently, just trying something different. Please let us know whether you think this is a worthy addition to the series]

While worms, lizards and craws have played a role in tournament bass angling for many years, the multi-appendaged “creature bait” is a more recent phenomenon. The Zoom Brush Hog and Baby Brush Hog are widely considered to have popularized the category, but they haven’t been the only members of the group to contribute to tournament-winning catches.

We’ll give you the names of four anglers and some details about their tournament-winning catches. You tell us the name/brand/color of bait they used:

  1. In 2001, Dean Rojas weighed in a total of 108-12 at Florida’s Lake Toho to obliterate the B.A.S.S. four-day record (five fish limit). It was a sight fishing event and while a creature bait wasn’t his only tool, it was the primary one. What lure did he use and what color was it?
  2. At the 1999 Bassmaster Classic on the Louisiana Delta, Davy Hite caught 55-10 to beat his nearest competitor by just a hair under 10 pounds? He swam a creature bait named after a longtime bass pro. What was the lure, what color was it and who was it named after.
  3. En route to his 2007 Angler of the Year title, Skeet Reese won an Elite Series tournament on the Potomac River. He fished primarily in faraway Nanjemoy Creek with two different creature baits, both in the same color. What were they and what was the color?
  4. The last one may be the easiest – if nothing else it’s the most recent. In June of 2012, Todd Faircloth won an Elite Series tournament on the Upper Mississippi River using a variety of lures, but it was a last minute mat-punching fish that put him over the top. What was his creature bait, what color was it, and what modification did he make to it?

The first person to answer all four is this week’s winner. As usual, we’ll give the answers and announce the winner Thursday. Good Luck!

  • Chris Harvey

    1. Hawg Caller Log Crawler, Cherry Cola color.
    2. Gambler Bacon Rind, Junebug, Basil Bacon
    3. Berkley Power Hawg, Sabertail Burly Bug, Green Pumpkin
    4. Yamamoto Kreature, black/blue w/blue skirt, cut the curly tail wings off

  • Braden Maddox

    1) Dean Rojas used a Lake Fork Tackle Lizard in white
    2) Davy Hite used a junebug Gambler Bacon Rind
    3) Skeet used a Berkley Powerhawg and Burley Bug in green pumpkin
    4) Todd Faircloth used a Yamamoto Kreature in black/blue

  • Braden Maddox

    2) Named after Basil Bacon
    4) He cut the grub tails off the sides

  • cannon

    1 white LFT lizard and white hawg caller Log crawler
    2 plum/junebug bacon fry
    3 green pumpkin berkley power hawg and sabertail burly bug
    4 4″ yamamoto Kreature (black/blue)

  • cannon

    my bad
    2 basil bacon
    4 tore off a set of the claws