Monday Trivia – Beaver Lake 1967

Stan Sloan hoists a stringer of fish caught at the first Ray Scott event held on Beaver Lake in Arkansas. Photo Ray Scott Outdoors.

Stan Sloan hoists a stringer of fish caught at one of Ray Scott’s first events. Photo Ray Scott Outdoors.

Congratulations to Jason Sullivan for winning this week’s Bass Fishing Archives Monday Trivia Contest sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. Read below for the answer.

Today we take a break from the standard “Box Score” and “Name that Angler” questions normally posed by Pete and welcome one offered up by Harold Sharp. As you all know, Harold was the first Tournament Director for B.A.S.S. – a position he helped define during the early years of competitive bass fishing. Harold has also been a big help here on the Bass Fishing Archives acting as an editor (of sorts) to help us maintain accuracy of the historical events we bring to you along with providing you, the readers, with some pretty interesting stories that happened during his tenure as the B.A.S.S. Tournament Director.

On to Harold’s question for you.

Bobby Murray won the first BASS Classic fishing a Zorro Aggravator Spinnerbait designed and manufactured by Stan Sloan. Who won Ray Scott’s first Bass Tournament held on Arkansas’ Beaver Lake and what lure was he fishing?

Here’s the answer:

bomber2Bobby Murray won the first Bassmaster Classic on Stan Sloan’s Zorro Aggravator spinnerbait and made history. That part of Monday’s question should have given you a little hint as to who won Ray Scott’s first event held in 1967 on Beaver Lake in Arkansas.

The winner of Scott’s first event was none other than Tennessee’s Stan Sloan, but although he was the maker of the Zorro Aggravator spinnerbait, he didn’t use that lure to win the event.

Sloan went on to win that event on a lure that is not known for winning – a topwater lure. The actual lure was a Bomber Spinstick in a white coachdog pattern. It’s one of the few events that was ever won on topwater.