We’ve Been Wired

Wired2fishHorizontalWe here at the Bass Fishing Archives have been blessed over the last year to have such great readers and supporters. You all seem to be enjoying the site and what we have to offer and that’s what makes it all worth it to us.

It’s also nice when other industry folks show their appreciation, like when Kent Brown of Ultimate Bass Radio voted us the top bass fishing website of 2012. But last week I got an email from industry mogul Terry Brown of WIRED2fish, one of – if not the – leading websites in all of bass fishing, wanting to put us on their Weighing In Radio Show to talk about what we do here. That was dang cool!

I have to say I can stand up in front of an audience and talk with the best of them but I’ve done a couple Radio Shows in the past and I always seem to screw something up, talk like a drunk Foster Brooks or forget to mention something important.

Well, this time I did all three. First, I want to say I forgot to mention all the help that Harold Sharp has given us since before we went live. Harold has spent a lot of time sending me stories and proof reading stuff I’ve written for accuracy. So Harold, Thanks for all your time, energy and the stories you’ve shared with us here.

As for Terry Brown and the WIRED2fish gang, thanks for recognizing us and I hope we can do it again sometime!

Thanks everyone for making the site a success. Also, tell your friends about us here at www.bassfishingarchives.com and please “like” us on Facebook if you haven’t already.

To listen to the interview, click the WIRED2fish logo at the top of the post.

Terry, Pete, Brian and Harold

  • Christopher McGrath

    I listened to the interview and it wasn’t nearly as bad as you intimated. The photo, however, was not flattering.

    • Yeah, Ray Scott’s photo was surprising on one account but understandable from a historical standpoint. And, by the way, you listen to me stutter all the time – so you’re used to it. 🙂

      • Christopher McGrath

        What makes you think that I listen to you?

  • Jeff Hahn

    Terry: I agree…it was well done and certainly not as bad as you implied. I hate hearing my voice on tape, too!