Shaw Grigsby Jr. – Pro-on-Pro vs. Marshal

Shaw Grigsby Jr. ICAST 2014. Photo Brenda Serrano.

Shaw Grigsby Jr. ICAST 2014. Photo Brenda Serrano.

When this whole competitive bass fishing deal started back in the late 60s, cheating and rigged tournaments were some of the biggest obstacles that Ray Scott faced. In order to alleviate those dark shadows, Scott decided on a tournament format where anglers would be paired together, different pairings for each day. This would not only significantly decrease the chances that two anglers would go into cahoots with each other but also provided policing from within.

For nearly 30 years after that first Beaver Lake event, pros would be paired with pros on the Bassmaster and other trails throughout the country. The format had its benefits but also had its downfalls.

While talking to Shaw Grigsby Jr. at ICAST 2014, we got on the subject of the old pro-on-pro format versus today’s format where the pros fish alone. Shaw, probably like many other professional anglers who experienced the old days, is happy for the marshal program but there are some things he really misses. Click on the Bass Fishing Archives You Tube link below to hear what he had to say.


  • Harold Sharp

    The video is very hard to understand, the background noise makes it impossible for people with hearing aids or problems. It would have been easier to read than to try to hear what Shaw was saying.

  • Joe Cool Rhoads

    Sound is awful. I would love to see this and hear, the back ground of most fishing related videos is not worth watching. Get a room. There sponsors will get them there.

  • Terry Battisti

    Joe and Harold,

    Sorry for the background noise. I take part of that blame for not having the right sound equipment at ICAST. This week at the FLW Cup, though, we will have the right mics.

    Anyway, if you’ve ever been to ICAST or any other function like that, you tend to take what you can get – and if you can get someone at a booth you take it. There isn’t much time to go searching for a quiet place as these guys don’t have much time between demos, signings, etc.

    We’ll make the next ones a lot better, I promise.