Old Bass Boats – Reader Submissions

Rich Zaleski powering down the Charles River in Boston in his 1971 Terry Bass Boat. Photo courtesy of Rich Zaleski.

Well, the 1970 Bass Boat post today received a bit of traffic to say the least.  First person to submit something was Rich Zaleski, yes the writer RichZ who frequently posts on the site, with his 1971 vintage Terry Bass Boat. The picture shown here is taken from the 1976 NABA (Rich can you fill us in on what NABA stands for?) Tournament of Champions on the Charles River in Boston. Notice the stick steering and the anchor off the bow of the boat. Rich said he bought the boat in April of ’73 for $975. It came with boat/motor/trailer and didn’t have any electric motor of sounder on it. He put a Shakespeare troller on the front and a Shakespeare  finder on it too. He sold it in ’78 for $1300!

1974 Ouachita getting air. Photo courtesy of Preston Rogers.

The second picture was sent in from Preston Rogers who actually worked at the Ouachita plant from 1968 to ’69. The photo he submitted was from 1974. Great air from what appears to be about a 16-foot boat! I did that once in my 1981 MonArk V16. I don’t think my back has ever returned to normal.

Thanks guys for the submissions!

  • Actually, on further consideration, that pic was from the NBAA (Northern Bass Anglers Assoc) TOC. NBAA was followed by NABA (North American Bass Anglers) which evolved into NEBA (North Eastern Bass Assoc).

    • And to add another semi-interesting tidbit, the original owner of NBAA sold it (the year after that TOC) to a couple of the most supportive anglers in the organization, who ran it for another couple seasons before selling their membership rolls to NABA. Those two guys were Steve Conely (one of the best worm fishermen I’ve ever met) and Alex Langer. Yes, THAT Alex Langer.