Introducing Jason Lucas – Sports Afield March 1945

Sports Afield, March 1945. Reprinted with written permission.

Sports Afield, March 1945. Reprinted with written permission.

As we’ve written in the past, Jason Lucas is one of the early pioneers of the sport of bass fishing. His 24 years as the Fishing Editor for Sports Afield along with his book, Lucas on Bass Fishing, have cemented his name in the annals of the sport forever. Unfortunately, not many anglers younger than 40 know of him or his many contributions.

Because of this, there are a number of us bass historians who are dedicated to making sure his name isn’t forgotten and that hopefully someday his name will be as recognizable as Bill Dance, Roland Martin or Jimmy Houston. He’s that important to the history of bass fishing.

What made Lucas so important, you might ask? Well, in a time where little was shared about the habits of bass and how best to catch them day-in and day-out, Lucas’ job – one that he took very seriously – was to break down the walls of the secret society and divulge all of its secrets to the masses. All of this conducted in, arguably, one of the best outdoors magazines ever published.

In fact, it can be said that Jason Lucas made Sports Afield the magazine to read if you were an angler.

The story goes that Lucas, who had previously published a few hunting pieces in Sports Afield, had become known as quite the bass angler. So much so that Editor Ted Kesting, commissioned Lucas to write a series of articles on bass fishing for the magazine. That series of six articles, published in 1945, was received so well by the readership that Kesting hired him before the series was complete as Sports Afield’s Fishing Editor.

Over the years Lucas would pen as many as two, sometimes three, features in each issue of the magazine. Along with his features, Lucas also received thousands of “Letters to the Editor,” asking questions on how to become a better angler. It’s said that he answered every single one of them, sometimes with nice remarks, oftentimes with snide comments – all the while fishing every day.

So important are these first articles of Lucas’ that I felt you might want to read them firsthand. I contacted Sport Afield and received written permission to reprint one of the articles in full – which is the subject of today’s feature. For the other five pieces, we will be publishing more of a review with quotes and some pictures so as not to infringe on copyright issues. Unfortunately, if you want to read them in full, you’ll have to find old copies on one of the many auction houses online.

Without taking up anymore space, here’s “No. One: New Angling Techniques,” by Jason Lucas.


Lucas SA Mar 1945 page 1

Sports Afield, March 1945. Reprinted with written permission. Page 1.


Lucas SA Mar 1945 page 2

Sports Afield, March 1945. Reprinted with written permission. Page 2.


Lucas SA Mar 1945 page 3

Sports Afield, March 1945. Reprinted with written permission. Page 3.


Sports Afield, March 1945. Reprinted with written permission. Page 4.

Sports Afield, March 1945. Reprinted with written permission. Page 4.

  • Ralph Manns

    Terry–Great pieces: yours and Jason’s. Lucas and Sports Afield had me, a salt water angler then,wanting to fish for black bass long before I ever visited a lake or reservoir. Interesting how much more latitude writers had then than now for making the report interesting with personal info.

  • Andy Williamson

    Thanks for the Jason Lucas recognition. I love reminiscing and reading Lucas’ bass articles. My uncle Henry V. Williamson made a Lucas scrapbook with that series of articles in it. (Number 6 is missing). I get a kick out of just reading the titles of no. 4 (“Tackle vs. Trash”, and no. 5 “Bass Lures-and Rubbish”). Also in the scrapbook is the 3 part series: “Bass Plugs and Bass”, started in the June 1946 issue of Sports Afield, and “Applied Fishiology”, in the May 1946 issue.

  • Thanks Ralph and Andy for the kind words. Yes, I agree with you all, Lucas was amazing and ahead of his time. Great article titles and also great comments back to his readers. 🙂 By the way Andy, you should be hearing from GYCB early this week. Sorry for the delay. I’ve been on travel for a month and have let some things lack.


  • fish_food

    I enjoy reading all of your pieces on Jason Lucas–thanks!