1) Do I need a Membership? – Many readers have asked if they have to sign up for the site or become a member.  The answer to that is NO.  The site is meant for all to enjoy and there is no requirement that you become a member.

2) Can I post comments? – We really like it when our readers post comments below the posts. It lets us know you’re involved and either like or dislike an article. One thing to know, though, is the first time you post a comment below a post it will need to be approved by the BFA Administration. This usually only take a few minutes but under some circumstances can take up to an hour or so. Please don’t let this hinder you from commenting! We want to hear what you have to say and even some comments could become future articles. One important thing, though, is you must provide a real email address – one that is yours. Some people have made comments in the past and have not provided a real email address and those comments get instantly deleted.

3) Can I submit a suggestion for an article? – Absolutely! We are always looking for new article ideas especially when it comes to anglers, tackle companies or other things we don’t know much about.

4) Can anyone play the Bass Fishing Archives Trivia Game?– Yes! Anyone is allowed to play the game but mind you that there are a set of rules and guidelines.  Please read the rules and have fun.

5) How do I find articles on the site after they leave the home page? – There are a number of ways to find a specific article quickly on the Bass Fishing Archives site. The first and fastest way would be to do a keyword search in the “search” bar located in the right-hand sidebar. Just type in a few key words and hit search. All the articles that have your keywords in them will be posted for you to go through. Another way to find articles is to use the “Article Categories” box in the right-hand sidebar. Articles are categorized by subject and can be found by simply looking through the categories listed. If you have trouble finding an old article after you’ve tried these search mechanisms, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the Contact form!