Rayo Breckenridge – Classic III Champion

Rayo Breckenridge. Photo courtesy of Joey Breckenridge.

For those of you who remember Classic III winner Rayo Breckenridge, you might be interested in knowing that his son Joey has put together a fan page on Facebook. Joey will be uploading old pictures and memorabilia on the page from time to time showing the life of a BASS Master in the early days of the sport.

Just a month or so ago Rayo was inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame. Rayo was not only an early BASS Master competitor but also host of his TV show, “Rayo Breckenridge Outdoors.”

In the future we hope to sit down with Joey and bring you a few stories of the early days of competitive bass fishing, not just from an angler’s perspective but also from the eyes of a youngster- in this case little Joey Breckenridge.

We hope you enjoy what Joes has put together. To view Rayo’s page, click here.

Also of interest is the article done by Bryan Brasher in July 2012 on the induction of Rayo into the Legends Hall of Fame.