Red Man – 1985 Championship

Shaw Grigsby holds the 1984 Red Man All-American trophy.

Shaw Grigsby Jr. holds the 1984 Red Man All-American trophy.

I was scanning through  a 1985 Today’s Fisherman magazine, a western publication that reported on tournament results and saltwater angling, among other things, and came across this short tournament report. It was the results of the 1985 Red Man All-American Championship held on Lake Havasu, AZ.

Interestingly enough this was the event that Pete  wrote about in this week’s trivia contest that Rick Clunn won and Orlando Wilson complained about. Clunn beat out fellow competitor Danny Walden of Mississippi by 9 ounces to take the championship and its $100,000 top prize. Also in the mix was B.A.S.S. pro Carl Maxfield, although Maxfield didn’t make his splash on the Bassmaster Tour until the early ’90s. [Read more…]

CAST Magazine and Charlie Evans

CAST Cover Jan-Feb 1984FLW Outdoors and its numerous fishing leagues are pretty much the only competition the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society has these days. This wasn’t so back in the early days of tournament bass fishing when you had circuits such as Western Bass Fishing Association (WBFA), U.S. Bass, Project Sports INC (PSI), Bass Caster’s Association (BCA), National Bass Association (NBA) and a bevy of other organizations vying for the professional bass spotlight.

But FLW Outdoors didn’t just appear out of nowhere to give ole’ Ma B.A.S.S. a run for her money. Instead the roots of FLW Outdoors can be traced to an organization called Operation Bass – or better known by many as The Red Man Circuit. [Read more…]