BFA Contest Rules

While the intent of the Bass Fishing Archives is to document the history of the sport and its preservation, it’s also very apparent that the content can be used as a trivia game – and that’s exactly what we’re doing! With the help of Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, we’re going to hold a weekly trivia contest where the winner will receive a $20 e-coupon good for anything on the Yamamoto online store for their efforts. Starting out, we’re using the content of Pete’s Box Score as the contest, posted every Monday (except for Holidays), which, in the beginning, the column was designed for. As the days and months go on, the contest will change from column to column – so pay attention and have fun with it.

Contest starts July 2, 2012!!

How the Game is Played

  1. A tournament from the past that Pete thinks is significant will be posted on Monday.
  2. A link to the tournament write-up and/or results will be given.
  3. The answer (Pete’s answer) will be given on Thursday that same week.

Rules for Solving Pete’s Box Score

  1. Do not try to think like a normal person. Try to think like Pete.
  2. The first answer submitted in the “Speak You Mind” section (also known as the comment section) below the post which accurately describes why the event was noteworthy (in Pete’s view) will be the prize winner.
  3. Answers need not be lengthy, but single words or names will likely be deemed insufficient. Try to describe who/what/why.
  4. Whether an answer is adequate will rest solely in Pete’s discretion.
  5. Creative use of the internet and other written resources is encouraged. Footnotes may be cause for additional celebration and prizes.
  6. Bass Fishing Archives is not responsible for any technical glitches which cause answers to be lost, shortened or otherwise altered.
  7. No single entrant may win the contest more than three times.
  8. No PETA members, alleged tournament cheaters, bed wetters or stinkbait slingers need apply.
  9. Have fun!

Rules for Solving Other Bass Fishing Archives Trivia Contests

Unlike Pete’s Box Score, other trivia contests on the Bass Fishing Archives will have a definitive answer and will cover the gamut of the sport. The requirement for winning will be the first person to post a correct answer in the “Speak Your Mind,” also known as the “Comments” section, below the post. The winner will be recognized in the “Speak You Mind” section and will then be contacted by email with the prize information.


Winners will receive a $20 e-gift card good at the Gary Yamamoto online store. The $20 is good for whatever you want on the site (shipping charges not included).